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Individual Taxes


Our mission is to provide clients with tax solutions, reduction of tax liability, simplification of administrative burden and create this unique service with personal attention based on experience and knowledge of tax rules and laws.

Since 1985, we have been providing tax service to individuals and businesses to reduce their tax liability. Our accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll has simplified and streamlined numerous businesses.  

We have expertise, experience, and knowledge of tax laws to help many individuals and businesses solve their tax issues through direct negotiation with IRS, Franchise Tax Board, and Board of Equalization.

We have represented successfully unresolved tax liabilities at the Appeals. Many taxpayers had the opportunity to settle their tax debt for pennies on a dollar. Because of the individual approach and personal attention to detail and tax matters at hand we were able to reverse levies, garnishments, and other enforcement actions of tax agencies. Over the years the clients were defended in audits and compliance inspections. We have prepared 10 years of delinquent tax returns and negotiated successfully an offer in compromise for 1% of the amount due.  For nearly 30 years we have dealt with complex tax situations of inter-related corporations and limited liability companies that flow their net tax bottom line to singular individual. The secret to our successes is tax planning, tax anticipation, and clear communication with our clients.  We service clients leaving abroad, out of state, and in multiple states work arrangements.


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