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E-Filing Taxes

Why do most people E-File taxes?

When E-file came out, people were understandably wary about using it. What if their tax filing disappeared into the ether, or the IRS systems caused errors? Now, however, most people are E-filing taxes, and tax help services are set up with this in mind.

The first reason that people have shifted to E-file is that it does the math. With this method, the days of spending hours with a calculator and forms spread all over your desk are over! This is enough to bring many people to the more modern system.

E-filing taxes is also convenient. Not only do you dodge the math mentioned above, but you also get to skip the midnight rush to the post office to try to meet the deadline. As long as your internet connection holds out, you can submit your taxes from the comfort of your chair. Whether you do it as early as you can, or wait until 11:59 PM on Tax Day, there is no frantic driving involved.

Tax help services also love E-filing taxes, but for a different reason. Filing electronically speeds up how fast refunds come out. It also makes it possible for services to file for customers and then take their fee right out of the refund. Customers love this because they don't have to actively pay, and instead get to keep all of the money that is delivered to them by their chosen tax help services provider.

There is one time when people may still prefer to file a paper return, and that's when they owe taxes. Filing by paper slows down the processing, so it'll take a bit longer for the IRS to start billing.

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