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Tax Liability Solutions


Over the last several years the Federal and State taxing agencies have become more aggressive in collecting, auditing, and redefining their jurisdiction of tax enforcement.

When being confronted with relentless collections efforts by the skilled and trained revenue agents it is time to call us.

Remember, you are just a dollar sign for them with pockets of money to be emptied out.  You need someone to protect your rights, stop threats to your livelihood, and reduce the tax burden.


Knowledge and experience with collection rules and laws must be successfully employed to give you peace of mind and return your financial live back to normal.  Collection tax laws are complicated with many exemptions and relief provisions which we utilize to solve your tax problems. We will show you the steps and time table for resolution of the tax matters.


Over the last 30 years we have successfully negotiated with Revenue Agents, Settled Offers In Compromise, Resolved Debts through Office of Appeals. 


For solutions come to us.

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